Frequently asked questions

Everything you ever wanted to ask about Exam Copilot, ATPL exams, and exam preparation.

Do I need to be online to use Exam Copilot?

Yes, you need an internet connection to use the question bank. Mobile apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad with offline functionality are coming in early 2021.

Can I use Exam Copilot on my phone or tablet?

Absolutely! Exam Copilot was designed from day 1 with smartphone and tablet users in mind, and it works great even on small screens. To get started, just login to Exam Copilot via your web browser (usually Google Chrome or Safari).

How often are questions added to the site?

Our team of experienced flight instructors monitor changes to the EASA ATPL syllabus. Whenever new topics or learning objectives are added, new questions are written to cover all aspects of the exam. We also accept submissions of questions from students taking the exams. If you see a question in the exam that you didn't see represented on the site, please email us for a chance to earn an Amazon gift voucher.

Do you offer direct ATPL tutoring?

Yes. Our experienced flight instructors — the same experts who write the explanations for all the questions and topics in Exam Copilot — are available to hire for personal tutoring. Please email us and we'll be happy to discuss your needs.

How many different exams are there in the ATPL?

There are 14 subjects that are covered by 14 ATPL exams. In the near future IFR Communications and VFR Communications will be merged into a single exam.

How many questions are there in each exam?

Each subject has a different number of questions and different duration. When you take tests within Exam Copilot, you can choose to use the standard number of questions and standard time limit, or customise it to try a shorter or longer version.

How long do I have to complete the ATPL exams?

Starting from the last day of the first month during which you attempt your first exam, you have 18 months to pass all of them.

How many times can I re-take an exam?

You can take exam a maximum of 4 times. However, you only have a total of 6 exam "sittings", so in practice you're more likely to have a chance to retake most subjects just 1-2 times. You can't retake an exam in the same sitting.

How long does a sitting last?

Each sitting lasts 10 calendar days (inclusive) from the first day on which you take an exam.

What's the passing mark for each ATPL exam?

The minimum pass mark is 75%.

Can anyone take the ATPL exams?

You must be authorised by an approved training organisation (ATO) such as a ground school to register for the ATPL exam.

How do I redeem a voucher code?

Sign up for Exam Copilot using the voucher link that you were given. Or if you are already a user, your profile and click "Redeem voucher".

Can I share access to my account?

No. Your Exam Copilot account is linked to your email address and is personalised to you. Our advanced algorithms use your answer history to customise difficulty and choose the ideal exam questions to help you prepare as thoroughly as possible. This means that each account must only be used by one user. If you'd like to refer a friend and earn a free month of access (or an equivalent Amazon gift voucher), email us.

I think the answer to a question was incorrect. What should I do?

Our questions are verified by experienced flight instructors and subject experts. But if you're sure that something doesn't look right, or if you'd like some help understanding a question, email us and we'll get back to you ASAP.

How do I extend my subscription?

Visit your profile and click "Extend my subscription".

Can I print questions or answers?

Yes, using the standard print function on your browser. All Exam Copilot questions, answers, and explanations are copyrighted and must not be reproduced except for personal use.

How can I change the email address for my account?

Just email us, ideally from the current email address on your account, and we'll update it on your behalf.

How can I use Exam Copilot when I've forgotten my password?

Visit the forgotten password page and enter the email address you signed up with. We'll send you a password reset link immediately.

How can I use Exam Copilot when I've forgotten which email address I signed up with?

Please email us and we'll help you regain access.

How long is my personal data stored?

Your account information and question usage history will be retained for 6 months after the expiration of your subscription or trial.