There are a range of possible options you could be asked on bands. It is helpful to imagine the largest and then get smaller, dividing it into smaller chunks. The VHFVHF —Very High Frequency band is all VHFVHF —Very High Frequency frequencies, from 30-300Mhz. The sectioned of this reserved for aviation (both comms and navaidnavaid —Navigation Aids) is called the airband and is 108-137Mhz. The lower part of this, 108-117.975Mhz, is used for navaidnavaid —Navigation Aids, specifically VORVOR —VHF Omnidirectional Range and ILSILS —Instrument Landing System. The upper part, 118-138Mhz, is used for voice communications, and is properly called the aeronautical mobile service. Finally, as you may know from RNav, VHFVHF —Very High Frequency is of a higher frequency than HFHF —1) Radio Waves: High Frequency2) Human Performance: Human Factors but a lower frequency than UHFUHF —Ultra High Frequency.

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What is the airband?
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