The key word here is "VMC". While is impossible to be flying VFRVFR —Visual flight rules in IMCIMC —Instrument meteorological conditions, it is perfectly possible to be flying IFRIFR —Instrument flight rules on a VMCVMC —Visual Meteorological Conditions day. If this happens, you should revert to visual flight rules or remain VMCVMC —Visual Meteorological Conditions if you already were. IFIF —Intermediate Approach Fix you are in a control zone, you should firstly exit the zone via the shortest practical route.** You then land at the nearest suitable aerodrome (the nearest may have too short a runway, for example) and then inform ATCATC —Air Traffic Control of what has happened.

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If you suffer radio failure while flying VMCVMC —Visual Meteorological Conditions outside controlled airspace, and if you have unsuccessfully attempted contact on other frequencies, what are your actions?
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