ATISATIS —Automatic Terminal Information Service (Automatic Terminal Information Service) is a message played repeatedly on a loop on a given frequency, giving inbound aircraft information about the airport. The list of contents is:

The aerodrome ID The ATISATIS —Automatic Terminal Information Service indicator (letter) The time The expected approach The runway in use Transition level Surface wind Surface visibility Cloud Temperature Dew Point QNHQNH —Static pressure at MSL calculated from QFE using ISA temperature lapse rates

A good idea prior to the exam is to listen to an ATISATIS —Automatic Terminal Information Service broadcast (many are available online) and memorise it - this will give you both the content and order. It is also prudent to note what is not included in the ATISATIS —Automatic Terminal Information Service: Transition Altitude (this is published).

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Which of the following would be found in an ATISATIS —Automatic Terminal Information Service broadcast?
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