Light Signals COMMS

You will need to know the meaning of all the light signals for the Communications Exam, the Ops Exam and your future role in the air. The following are the light signals to aircraft on the ground:

Steady greenCleared to take off
Steady redStop
Flashing greenCleared to taxi
Flashing redTaxi clear of the landing area
Flashing whiteReturn to your starting point on the aerodrome

The following are the light signals to aircraft in the air:

Steady greenCleared to land
Steady redGive way to other aircraft and continue circling
Flashing greenReturn for landing
Flashing redAirfield is unsafe - do not land
Flashing whiteLand at this aerodrome and proceed to the apron
Pyrotechnic redNotwithstanding previous instructions, do not land for the time being

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What is the meaning of a steady green light signal?
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