Proword Meanings COMMS

The full list of prowords for which the meaning is expected to be known is as follows. Note that some (eg Contact/Monitor) have very similar meanings.

Acknowledge - Let me know you have understood this message Affirm - Yes Approved - Permission for proposed action granted Break - I hereby indicate separation between portions of the message Break Break - I hereby indicate separation between portions of the message to different aircraft in a very busy environment Cancel - Annul the previously transmitted clearance Check - Examine a system or procedure Cleared - Authorised to proceed under the specified conditions Confirm - Have you correctly received the following? or Did you correctly receive this message? Contact - Establish radio contact with (frequency). Correct - That is correct Correction - An error was made in the previous transmission. The correct version is: Disregard - Consider that transmission not sent How do you read - What is the readability of my transmission? I say again - I repeat for clarity or emphasis Maintain - Continue in accordance with the specified conditions. Monitor - Listen out on (frequency). Negative - No, that is not correct or permission not granted. Out - My transmission is over. I do not expect a response. Over - My transmission is over. I expect a response. Orbit - Make a 360 degree turn in the direction specified Read back - Repeat all (or the specified part) of my transmission exactly as received Recleared - A change has been made to your clearance. The new clearance is.... Report - Pass me the following information. Request - I should like to know OR I wish to obtain Roger - I have received all of your last transmission Say again - Repeat all or the following part of your last transmission Speak slower - Reduce your rate of speech Standby - Wait and I will call you Unable - I cannot comply with your instruction, clearance or request Wilco - I understand your message and will comply with it

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What is the meaning of the telecommunications proword "Acknowledge"?
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