SWC - Jetstream MET

Jetstreams on a significant weather chart are represented by thick black curving lines. To be depicted on a SWC, the jetstream must be at least 80kts (not the 60kts required to be a jetstream.)

The height of the core of the jetstream (eg FL270) is adjacent to them. Where two FLFL —Flight Levels are mentioned (eg 190/370), this is the band affected by 80kt winds.

Jetstream speeds are depicted by lines and triangles. Each triangle is 50kts; each long line 10, and each short line 5. Add up the triangles and lines to get the speed.

When it comes to getting the direction ensure you know which way is north as on significant weather charts the direction of north varies around the map. Wind is expressed as where it is blowing from.

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What is the minimum speed of a jetstream depicted on a Significant Weather Chart?
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