Climate Zones MET

The generalised climate zones are as follows. They follow the basic pattern Equator, Savannah, Desert, Mediterranean, UK, Polar.

  • 0°-10° N/S Equatorial
  • 10-20° N/S Savannah or tropical transitional
  • 20-35° N/S Arid sub-tropical (desert)
  • 35-40° N/S Warm temperate or Temperature transitional or Mediterranean
  • 40-65° N/S Disturbed temperate (the UK)
  • 65-90° N/S Polar

The question involving the diagram is a potential trap because of the poor diagram used in the exam. If this comes up be careful to look at the exact latitudes at the side of the diagram, and not to just "eyeball" where you think the zones are.

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At what latitudes would you find the equatorial climate?
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