Monsoons MET

If asked to give either the direction or description of a monsoon, you can either know the answer by rote or be able to figure it out. For the latter, follow the following process:

Think about the time of year and ask where is the ITCZITCZ —Inter Tropical Convergence Zone in relation to the place asked about?.

The wind must approach over the place going towards the ITCZITCZ —Inter Tropical Convergence Zone. This tells you whether the wind is initially travelling north or south.

Now think about which hemisphere you are in and therefore which way Coriolis bends the wind - so if in the northern hemisphere, a northerly wind bends right to become northeasterly (like the Harmattan) and a southerly wind bends right to become southwesterly.

Finally, think about what type of surface the wind has travelled over - if it is sea, the monsoon will be wet. If it was land (or especially, desert) it is likely to be dry (and dusty.)

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Along the west coast of India, what are the prevailing winds?
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