Location of Information MET

When answering questions about where information is located, it is helpful to divide METMET —Meteorology products up into those for airfield and those for en-route.

Airfield products are METARMETAR —Meteorological Actual Reports, TAFTAF —Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts, SPECIs and TRENDS (in a METARMETAR —Meteorological Actual Report).

En-route products include AIRMETAIRMET —Information in plain language concerning weather significant to light aircraft operations at or below 10,000FT, GAMETGAMET —Area forecast for low-level flights and SIGMETSIGMET —Information concerning en route weather phenomena which may affect the safety of aircraft operations and the various charts including significant weather charts (SWC).

If the question asked you about en-route, the answer is almost certainly the latter group. If asking about an airfield, think about whether it wants the weather now (METARMETAR —Meteorological Actual Report) or the weather forecast (TAFTAF —Terminal Aerodrome Forecast).

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Where would you find information on en-route icing conditions?
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