METAR Codes - General MET

There are a whole host of METARMETAR —Meteorological Actual Report codes and you will become familiar with them throughout your career, but the main ones to know are below. Where the code is prefaced by a +, that means "heavy"; where prefaced by a -, that means "light". No plus or minus implies that it is "moderate."

There are various obvious gotchas here - MI means shallow, not mist, for example.

CAVOKCAVOK —Ceiling and Visibility OKCeiling and Visibility OK
RARA —Resolution AdvisoryModerate Rain
+RAHeavy Rain
-RALight Rain
DZModerate Drizzle
+DZHeavy Drizzle
-DZLight Drizzle
VCIn the vicinity
SNLight Snow
+SNModerate Snow
-SNHeavy Snow
NOSIGNOSIG —METAR/TAFTAF —Terminal Aerodrome Forecast code for No Significant ChangeNo significant changes

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What does the METARMETAR —Meteorological Actual Report code "CAVOK" stand for?
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