These are some of the fact based METARMETAR —Meteorological Actual Report facts on the exam.

A METARMETAR —Meteorological Actual Report is an actual observation of the weather. It is valid at the time it was taken and observations and normally made every half hour.

A TREND forecast is a brief forecast that is sometimes added to a METARMETAR —Meteorological Actual Report, always valid for two hours.

The pressure group at the end is the QNHQNH —Static pressure at MSL calculated from QFE using ISA temperature lapse rates rounded down. The wind is the average of the last ten minutes referenced to true north (everything the met man says is true.) Gusts are 10 knots above average. Cloud base is above the aerodrome.

Finally, a SPECI is when conditions have changed so much another METARMETAR —Meteorological Actual Report is needed to reflect the change.

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What is a METARMETAR —Meteorological Actual Report?
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