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Some of the more niche questions, often towards the end of the METMET —Meteorology paper, involve the more specialised Met products. These are listed below with their descriptions:

Type of ProductDescription
GAMETGAMET —Area forecast for low-level flightsA forecast for low level flights in an FIRFIR —Flight Information Region or sub-area in abbreviated plain language
VOLMETVOLMET —Meteorological Information for Aircraft in Flight — literally VOL ("fly" in French) MET (meteorology)A broadcast of METARS and TAFS on VHFVHF —Very High Frequency or HFHF —1) Radio Waves: High Frequency2) Human Performance: Human Factors
SIGMETSIGMET —Information concerning en route weather phenomena which may affect the safety of aircraft operationsA warning of dangerous meteorological conditions

Finally, there are two types of radio weather reports you may be required to make. Routine air reports are known as AIREPAIREP —Air Reports and special (non-routine) air reports are known as PIREPPIREP —Pilot Reports.

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What is a GAMETGAMET —Area forecast for low-level flights?
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