Lapse Rates 2 MET

To figure out the stability of the air, compare the real world lapse rate (called the environmental lapse rate) to the dry adiabatic lapse rate (3°/1000') and the saturated adiabatic lapse rate (1.8°/1000').

If it is greater than 3, the air is unstable. If it is less than 1.8, the air is stable. If it is between the two, the air is conditionally unstable. If it is exactly equal to one of the two rates, the air is neutrally stable for that type of air

Note that if the lapse rate is zero (an isotherm) or negative (an inversion, where temperature increases with height) that is easily identified as stable.

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What type of stability does an atmosphere with lapse rate 2.5°C/1000' have?