A straightforward mark to get on the exam, as there is only one way of answering these questions: take 3x10⁸ (cc —The speed of light, 30,000,000 metres per second) and divide it by whatever number you are given – either the frequency (ff —Frequency) or the wavelength (λλ —Wavelength. The symbol is the greek letter lambda) – to find the other.

The only real mistake that can be made in this topic is an incorrect use of the engineering prefixes. Understand the meaning of the three terms kilo, mega and giga for frequencies, and make sure wavelengths are not measured in centimetres or anything other than metres before you start the question.

The “ENG” button on your calculator can be very helpful for this, so ensure you know how to use it. Also, as always, watch out for the examiner giving you unusual units in either the question or one of the answers.

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What is the wavelength of a radio wave of frequency 1.15 MHz ?
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