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There are three components of GPSGPS —Global Positioning System (USA).

  1. The control segment, headquartered in the USA but with monitoring units all over the world, managing the satellites' performance, uploads navigation data and monitors the satellites. This segment consists of one Master Control station and various antenna and monitoring stations located around the globe.
  2. The space segment (or SPSSPS —1) Pressure: Standard Pressure Setting (1013.25hPa)2) GNSS: Space Segment) comprises the satellites themselves.
  3. The user segment, finally, is the device receiving the SPSSPS —1) Pressure: Standard Pressure Setting (1013.25hPa)2) GNSS: Space Segment signals — this could be an aircraft, or simply your phone.

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Which of the following are components of the GPSGPS —Global Positioning System (USA)?
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