Navaid Frequencies RNAV

You will need to know the frequency band in which all of the Radio Navigation aids operate. If you know the frequency range (and there are several questions on the specific ranges), then the “Very Lonely Maidens” mnemonic can then be used to find the band.

Not only is this important in and of itself, the fact that a particular navaidnavaid —Navigation Aid is in a particular band will offer a lot of clues as to its behaviour and its errors, simply by knowing the characteristics of that band. This will help with a lot of other questions. For example, the VORVOR —VHF Omnidirectional Range is in the VHFVHF —Very High Frequency band, and the VHFVHF —Very High Frequency band suffers from the error Sporadic E. Hence, the VORVOR —VHF Omnidirectional Range suffers from the Sporadic E error.

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What frequency band does the VDFVDF —VHFVHF —Very High Frequency direction finding operate in?
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