Locators (abbreviated to LCTRLCTR —Locators) are low powered NDBNDB —Non-Directional Beacons used for navigation to and around airfields with an approximate range (according to ICAOICAO —International Civil Aviation Organisation Annex 10) of 10 to 25nm. They have no difference to how they are presented in the cockpit compared to other NDBNDB —Non-Directional Beacons. They are distinguished from other navaidnavaid —Navigation Aids by a two letter ident (other navaidnavaid —Navigation Aids usually have three.) They are often co-located with an ILSILS —Instrument Landing System: this way, you can get to the overhead of the airfield and to the ILSILS —Instrument Landing System inbound track using the LCTRLCTR —Locators, then fly the ILSILS —Instrument Landing System.

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What is the approximate range of a LCTRLCTR —Locators?
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