PBN Sys Performance Factors RNAV

The section on Performance Based Navigation consists mainly of exam facts that have to be remembered.

A way to remember the facts can be to think of PBNPBNPBNPBN —Performance Based NavigationPerformance Based NavigationPerformance Based Navigation as a family tree:

  • PBNPBNPBN —Performance Based NavigationPerformance Based Navigation has three "children":

    • Navigation Specification
    • Navigation Infrastructure
    • Navigation Application
  • The Navigation Specification has five of its own "children":

    • Accuracy
    • Integrity
    • Continuity
    • Functionality
    • Availability

PBNPBNPBN —Performance Based NavigationPerformance Based Navigation may make up as much as 10% of the Radio Navigation exam, so these factors simply have to be learned.

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What are the factors used to define RNAVRNAV —Radio Navigation or RNP system performance?
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