One of the easiest marks you can get on the Radio Navigation (and the Communications) exam, the SSRSSR —Secondary Surveillance Radar codes are easy to remember. Think:

  • 77, going to heaven (emergency)
  • 76, box of tricks (lost communications)
  • 75, taken alive (unlawful interference/hijack)

7000 is a code that VFRVFR —Visual flight rules traffic will transmit so they can be "seen" by ATCATC —Air Traffic Control stations. They may not be talking to that ATCATC —Air Traffic Control, but if they can be seen by them, that ATCATC —Air Traffic Control unit can vector other aircraft that it is talking to out of the way of the "7000" aircraft. 2000 is an unusual code, for aircraft that require a squawk because they have been in a non-SSR area (think over the ocean, or similar).

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What does the SSRSSR —Secondary Surveillance Radar code 7700 stand for?
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