VOR 1 Degree Error RNAV

This is an RA=60DRA=60D question, with RR being your range from the beacon, AA the angle between your selected track and your QDMQDM —Magnetic bearing from an aircraft to a beacon or station, and DD being your cross track distance.

Firstly, rearrange to get D=RA60D = \frac{RA}{60}.The variable AA is simply 1 in this case.

The cross track distance will be the same (though on opposite sides) irrespective of whether you are 1° left or right of the selected track. As ever, watch out for the examiner giving question data or answers in units other than nm.

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The VORVOR —VHF Omnidirectional Range is limited to about 1° of accuracy. What lateral distance does this represent at a range of 310 nm?
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