The Radio Magnetic Indicator, or RMIRMI —Radio Magnetic Indicator, is a relatively simple and intuitive instrument. The compass card rotates so that the heading is at the top.

The needles point to the beacon they are tuned to, so the number they point to is the bearing from the aircraft to the beacon, or QDMQDM —Magnetic bearing from an aircraft to a beacon or station. The opposite end of the needle will be 180 degrees out from this, and so is the QDRQDR —Magnetic bearing from a beacon or station to an aircraft.

Normally an RMIRMI —Radio Magnetic Indicator has two needles which can point to your selection of VORVOR —VHF Omnidirectional Range or NDBNDB —Non-Directional Beacon — that way, if you have any two beacons in range, you have a fix of your position. This is also the major mistake you can make with these questions: ensure you know which needle is pointing to which beacon. It is all too easy to pick the wrong one.

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On the RMIRMI —Radio Magnetic Indicator shown, what is the QDMQDM —Magnetic bearing from an aircraft to a beacon or station of the VORVOR —VHF Omnidirectional Range? RMI display

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